New Winslow S4E57

Roman and Celine were at the edge of their property when Andrew pulled up. By this point, the spirit possessing Olivia had told him all the details of his bank accounts, how flush they were and how he needed to get them. It was important, more important than anything else. Liv’s voice was ragged by this point, like the spirit had to force his way through. Maybe Olivia was fighting him. Andrew hoped like hell she was.

The car was barely stopped when Celine tore open the passenger side door and pulled Olivia out. Andrew was startled, but then noticed that despite the brusqueness of her movements, her arm on Liv was gentle, like she was trying to avoid hurting her any further. Andrew hurried out of the car and followed.

“We’ve got wards all over the property to protect the kids, so we have to do this out here,” Roman said as he hurried over to Andrew. “Is she okay?”

“I don’t know,” he admitted. “I tried to keep it distracted, but fuck mate, that thing is taking its toll on her and I’m scared to death.”

“Celine’s got it,” Roman said. “Just stay back a little.”

Andrew couldn’t hear the words Celine was saying. But he was pretty sure they weren’t English, anyway. Olivia was howling, her back arched and her head thrown back as Celine spoke. A flash of light seared itself across Andrew’s vision and seemed to come from Celine herself.

“I don’t want to go!” Olivia roared. “It’s not fair!”

“You don’t get to take her so that you can fulfill your selfish shit!” Celine snapped. “Get out of this body!”


She had Olivia pinned to the ground and Andrew wasn’t quite sure how. In fact, he had no idea what was going on right now, other than that Celine seemed to be winning.

“Get out! In the name of the saints, get out of this body!”

Olivia squirmed, but the movement didn’t seem as unnatural as it had just seconds before. “Help,” she choked out.

Fuck, that was her. That was really Liv and this was working. “Move on!” Celine commanded. “You need to move onto the next life. There is nothing for you here.”



Olivia screamed and fell to the ground. “IT’S INSIDE OF ME!” she shrieked. “DON’T LET IT IN THE HOUSE! WHERE’S MIA?”

And then she was sobbing as Celine ran over and scooped her into her arms. Andrew saw her whisper something as she rocked Liv’s shaking form. “It’s okay,” he heard Celine whisper gently, a little louder this time. “It’s okay.”

Roman’s hand on his shoulder made him jump. “They did it,” he said.

Celine slipped a necklace over Liv’s head and Andrew could make out some kind of amulet strung on it. Then she helped Olivia to her shaky feet.

“Let’s get her inside,” Celine said.

Andrew hurried over and took Olivia’s other side. They made their way into the house and set her on the couch.

“Liv, can you hear me?” Andrew asked, sitting next to her.

She nodded and he was relieved to see her eyes were clear and focused on him, no longer rolling around.

“Do you know what happened?”

Another nod. He pulled her into a tight hug. “It’s over,” he said as she gripped him. “He’s gone.”

“He just…he got in. He wasn’t supposed to be able to do that. Where’s Mia?”

“She’s at home with Noah, it’s okay, she’s safe. Everyone’s safe.”

Roman came over with a cup of tea, which he handed to Olivia. She took it in trembling hands, sloshing hot tea on herself. But she barely seemed to notice.

“I’ll hold that,” Andrew said, gently taking the tea.

“Your kids,” Olivia said. “Where are your kids?”

“Downstairs,” Celine said gently. “Our fifteen-year-old has them down in his room with extra protections. They’re safe. If they’re not asleep, they’re probably watching cartoons.”

“Can you tell us what happened?” Roman asked.

“I was…I was coming home and I heard him say he needed help.” Her voice was hoarse and stuffy as she spoke. “He told me he wouldn’t leave. And I had…I had the crystal Iris gave me. But I must’ve done it wrong because he got in. And he was just controlling me and I couldn’t do anything to stop him. And I was so scared he’d get in the house. My daughter’s there, she wouldn’t know it wasn’t me.”

This started her crying again as Celine and Roman looked at each other. Roman looked concerned, but Celine looked angry.

“What crystal?” she asked.

“She had an onyx that we had to ward off bad energy,” Andrew explained. “But Iris said it would work for preventing possession.”

“She said what?”

Celine’s voice was even, but Andrew flinched at the cold anger behind it. “She told you a crystal would prevent possession?” Celine repeated.

“She said I might need to charge it,” Olivia added, her voice small. “I thought I charged it enough but I must have made a mistake.”

“Charge it.”

Olivia nodded, her tangled hair dangling around her lowered head. “I messed something up.”

“You didn’t mess anything up,” Celine said. “Why in the hell…”

“This is so typical.”

Ah yes, there was a pissed off voice that Andrew was more used to hearing. Roman started pacing in the small area beside the couch. “Iris has been so distracted lately and it’s because of whatever the hell she’s doing over at that hotel. She won’t tell us and she just says it’s about the curse. Fine, whatever. But this? This is too far.”

“What are you talking about?” Andrew asked.

“There’s not a crystal in the world that can prevent possession,” Celine said. “Crystals have to do with energy. They can protect you from destructive energy and maybe give you a little added protection against a malicious force. But this was a conscious being that chose to do this. And Iris knows damn well that anti-possession measures are entirely different.”

“So why did she..?”

“Because she couldn’t be fucking bothered,” Roman snapped. “This is too far. Of all the selfish, clueless things…”

Olivia’s head fell onto Andrew’s shoulder, pulling his attention away from Roman’s furious pacing and back to her. He gave her a quick squeeze. “You alright?”


Her voice was so quiet that he almost didn’t hear it. “Listen,” he said. “Let’s deal with Iris tomorrow. What do we need to do for Liv right now?”

“What do you want?” Celine asked her.

Olivia was silent for a moment. “I can still feel him,” she breathed.

“He can’t get in here,” Celine said gently, sitting down on her other side. “I promise.”

“No, no. Like…like something’s stuck.”

“Like spiritual residue?” Andrew asked.

She nodded against him and he looked at Celine. “Do you think herbs would be enough for this?”

She thought for a second. “Yeah,” she said. “At least in the beginning. But I think physically, a hot herbal bath and a solid night’s sleep. What do you think, Olivia?”

“Are you sure it’s gone?”

She seemed a little clearer now as she sat up and looked around at them. “I can’t risk going home if there’s anything still attached to me. I can’t risk that with Mia. It was one thing when the ghosts were just…there. I hated it, but if they can actually get me…And what if they get to her?”

Celine took her hand. “Listen,” she said gently. “I can’t guarantee that it’s all gone forever. But this particular ghost is gone. He’s moved on, I made sure of it. Anything you’re feeling is probably a mix of spiritual residue and the toll his forcing his way in took on you. What I think you should do tonight is take a bath here before you leave. If you want, we can do a guided meditation afterward, help you get into a more level headspace. And I want you to keep that necklace you’re wearing. There’s a sigil on it that’s been blessed by someone much more powerful than I am. It’ll keep you safe.”

“You can stay here for tonight,” Roman added. “Celine’s got this place sealed up like spiritual Fort Knox.”

“And tomorrow we can get your house sealed up too.”

Olivia shook her head. “Thank you,” she said. “But I can’t stay tonight. If Noah’s alone with Mia, he’s going to need help. He’s got a broken wrist. And if something tries to get in the house…”

“I’ve got a protection charm over each door and Noah was putting down salt when I left,” Andrew said.

Olivia didn’t say anything, but Celine looked impressed. “Okay, new plan,” she said. “Bath and meditation here. Then we’ll go check over your house. Not that I don’t trust you, Andrew-”

“Not taking that way in the slightest,” he said. “I’m a newcomer with a brand new interest in these things. I saw the way your hands were glowing, I’ll trust you.”

Celine stood up and gently pulled Olivia to her feet. “I’ve got all my herbs stored in the bathroom,” she said. “Come on, let’s get you situated.”

The two women walked away, leaving Andrew and Roman alone in the living room. They exchanged a look.

“So what happened exactly with Iris?” Roman asked.

Andrew sighed and explained the situation, complete with Iris’s exasperation at Olivia’s questions. Roman sank down onto the couch beside him.

“This is beyond too much,” he said. “If she wants to run off and be the big hero again, I’m not going to stop her. But I’m not going to deal with it either. And the fact that Olivia has to suffer for it…”

“We’re supposed to meet tomorrow,” Andrew said. “Are you planning on coming?”

“Nah, I’ve got a meeting tomorrow night. But now I might need to come by before or afterward.”

“No, I’ll take care of it,” Andrew said. “You focus on your meeting. But I’m going to give her an ultimatum. Either she tells me exactly what she’s up to and how it could possibly help, or I’m done. I’m not going to play into her games if it’s getting my friends hurt.”

They sat silently on the couch for a moment as the water turned on in the bathroom.


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