New Winslow

A house at dusk, against a dark blue sky. There are lights on in the house and it looks worn, but cozy. Above the house is text reading New Winslow

A small town in the grip of a mysterious curse.

A population trying to live in its shadow.

And an impulsive promise that brings home two friends years after they left for good.

In New Winslow, stories weave in and out of each other. The town psychic seeks answers to something bigger than herself. Four friends warily reunite. And a man has made the most of his life, despite being trapped here for decades.

All that’s been buried is slowly resurfacing. But will it change anything in a town that refuses to acknowledge its curse?

New Winslow is a serialized story that should be read in chronological order. Start with Season One, Episode One.

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Image shows a dark wooded road against a night sky full of stars. Text at the top of the image reads New Winslow: The Complete First Season. Underneath that is written Amanda McCormack

Images shows an ocean wave cresting under an ominously cloudy sky. Text reading New Winslow is at the top, with The Complete Sixth Season underneath. At the bottom of the image is text reading Amanda McCormack.

Image shows colorful sparks in red and yellow against gradient blue smoke. This is all against a black background. At the top is text reading New Winslow The Complete Seventh Season. At the bottom is text reading Amanda McCormack.


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The Northern Worcester County branch of the Foundation for Paranormal Research is one of the organization’s top investigation and cleanup teams. So when a case comes in involving a century of mysterious disappearances, they figure they’ll be done before their lunch break is supposed to end. Investigators James and Amelia go to the site while their coworkers remain behind. But in seconds, Amelia vanishes in the cursed house and the others are forced to find her with no help from their bosses. Will they be able to get her back or will the house claim one final victim?

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