Welcome to Enfield Arts, a creative company based out of Central Massachusetts! Enfield Arts exists for the purpose of creating great fiction and non-fiction that celebrates the life, culture, and folklore of Massachusetts!

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A house at dusk, against a dark blue sky. There are lights on in the house and it looks worn, but cozy. Above the house is text reading New Winslow

New Winslow

New Winslow is a free serialized story about a cursed small town and the people who live there. It is released seasonally, with full seasons collected into free eBooks. Start with Season One, Episode One and read chronologically.

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Enfield Arts is home to multiple paranormal fantasy, urban fantasy, and horror novels based in and around Massachusetts.

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Enfield Arts hosts multiple audiodrama and storytelling podcasts, all featuring stories set in Massachusetts.

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Articles and Blog Posts

I write articles on range of topics, both here on Enfield Arts and on other websites. Check out my other writings here!

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