Rest Stop Stories

A monthly collection of strange short stories, all set in Massachusetts.


NOTE: Transcripts are available for free below and will remain so.

The short story collection, Rest Stop Stories, includes all of the stories from this series, plus a bonus short that was never recorded. They’ve been re-edited for publication and you can download a copy here.


3d book display image of The Vanishing House

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The Northern Worcester County branch of the Foundation for Paranormal Research is one of the organization’s top investigation and cleanup teams. So when a case comes in involving a century of mysterious disappearances, they figure they’ll be done before their lunch break is supposed to end. Investigators James and Amelia go to the site while their coworkers remain behind. But in seconds, Amelia vanishes in the cursed house and the others are forced to find her with no help from their bosses. Will they be able to get her back or will the house claim one final victim?

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