North County Paranormal Unit Box Set 1

The Foundation for Paranormal Studies is New England’s top agency for studying and eliminating supernatural threats. And their North Worcester County branch is among their best. This overworked and over-caffeinated team of paranormal investigators is the only thing standing between their home turf and the forces of evil.

In this box set, discover the world of the North County Paranormal Unit. As newcomer Gabriella joins the team, she learns that keeping the monsters at bay is alternately horrifying and mundane. And you need to learn to rely on your team if you want to survive in this field.

North County Paranormal Box Set #1 contains the first three books in this queer paranormal fantasy series, as well as a bonus prologue novella!

The Vanishing House: A year before the official series begins, the team takes on an ordinary mission that should be finished by lunchtime. But the case takes a deadly turn when one of them goes missing in a haunted house.

North County Paranormal Unit: Gabriella, a recent college graduate, joins the North County team. But when her first case goes horribly wrong, she’ll have to decide whom to trust. And if she makes the wrong choice, it could cost her life.

Jarvis Street: James struggles under the weight of new responsibilities within the team. Now a case involving a violent ghost in an abandoned school may be his chance to settle in. But with the team fighting fiercely about their moral responsibility here, James might not have what it takes to fix things.

Fairview Hills Cemetery: It’s nearly Halloween and Gabriella has found her place on the team. When a colleague brings them a case involving a ouija board in a cemetery, the team has to work quickly and quietly to eliminate the threat without getting the Foundation officially involved.

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The Northern Worcester County branch of the Foundation for Paranormal Research is one of the organization’s top investigation and cleanup teams. So when a case comes in involving a century of mysterious disappearances, they figure they’ll be done before their lunch break is supposed to end. Investigators James and Amelia go to the site while their coworkers remain behind. But in seconds, Amelia vanishes in the cursed house and the others are forced to find her with no help from their bosses. Will they be able to get her back or will the house claim one final victim?

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