Jarvis Street

A person in a ghost costume is walking past an old white building covered in graffiti. The ghost is slouching as it walks and the entire scene is tinted a cold blue. Text above the ghost reads Jarvis Street

It’s been one month since James was assigned the captaincy at the North County Branch of the Foundation for Paranormal Studies. He’s exhausted, undertrained, and buried under mountains of paperwork when he’d rather be out in the field.

As new requirements come through for branch teams, North County is handed a case to solve. The Jarvis Street School is long abandoned and about to be converted into condos. But before any construction can be done, the spirits haunting the building need to be removed.

What starts as a simple case becomes more complicated, with the team fiercely debating their moral responsibilities as new details come to light. Add to that simmering resentments, glitchy equipment, and what might or might not be the ghost of their murderous former captain following James around. Will he be able to keep his team together through this first real test of his leadership skills?