Dart S3E6

Dart Season Three, Episode Six

(Episode opens with birds chirping in the background. JENNY is alive and she’s back out of Boston)


It’s in the paper, Rory.

(The newspaper rustles as she picks it up. Her voice is a little strained)


The body was found outside in the bushes. Brandon Jaques, age twenty-nine. Shit, I really hoped maybe he got out of there too. But they got him. I should call his family and tell them he went out a hero, shouldn’t I?



But then there’s some good news. That Tank Top fuck was arrested for the murder. Apparently for a professional criminal, he sucked at wiping his tracks. CHEER put out a statement saying he’s not one of ours. But it looks like they’re saying the whole thing happened in the basement. You know, where I…

(She winces in pain)


God, everything still hurts. Even now. But basically it looks like CHEER is taking some time to re-evaluate its business plan after everything. (Mimicking their publicity) They “care deeply about their staff and the user experience.” And CHEER is at least temporarily connected with violence.

(She puts the newspaper down)


They’re not gone forever. That one asswipe is behind bars, but the bad guys will regroup. They always do. You know, I think… I think I’m going to get back to it. I’m young, I’m healthy, and I’ve got the tools to do the work. So I think it’s time to get back out in the field.

(She stops for a moment)


I heard you, Rory. I heard your voice and I thought I was dying. But you’re the reason I’m still alive, aren’t you?

(A beat of silence, but she knows the truth)


Rory, listen. You don’t need to stay here. You’re done, you’ve done your part. Don’t force yourself to stay for me.

(Her voice gets choked up as she speaks)


I love you. And I know you love me. I’ll hold you in my heart for the rest of my life, but it’s time for you to move onto whatever comes next. I promise I’ll see you again. Maybe sooner rather than later if I’m going back into the field.

(She laugh-cries)


That’s an awful joke, I’m sorry. But for real, thank you. For everything. For being my friend, for trusting me. I know you did. We were real. And I’ll never forget you. Go get some rest, Rory.

(There’s a long silence and it’s clear that Rory is gone. JENNY stifles a sob, then sniffs and sits up.)


Alright… it’s time to get moving.


It’s about an hour’s drive to the Goat House Bar. Let’s do this.

(She turns on the car and the scene fades out.)



Dart is an Enfield Arts production and was written and performed by Amanda McCormack. For more information on Dart and other Enfield Arts projects, or how to support the show, please visit EnfieldArts.com.

Creator Note Transcript:

Hey everyone, Amanda here. I just wanted to hop on and say thank you to everyone who has supported Dart over the past three years. Whether it was through Patreon, Ko-Fi, ITunes reviews, telling your friends about it. The reach that this podcast has gotten is more than I could have possibly imagined and I’m so, so grateful for it.

If you are interested in other stories from me, this is the end of Dart, but I have two other completed podcasts as well, a couple of short story collections called Take the Mass Pike and Rest Stop Stories. Like Dart, they take place in Massachusetts, they’re kind of offbeat stories. So if you’re looking for more podcasts that are similiar to that, go check them out.

I also have a couple of book series: New Winslow and North County Paranormal. If you want to learn more about those, you can go visit my website. It’s www.EnfieldArts.com. Or you can join my mailing list, which is going to be in the show notes.

So again, I just want to thank everybody. It’s been…it’s been awesome.

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