Dart S3E5

Dart Season 3, Episode 5

(JENNY is running, her breath fast as she goes down the hall)


Oh my God. Oh my God, was that a gunshot? Was that-fuck, did they kill him? Did they kill him for helping me?

(She stops short as though the information is yanking her to a stop. She takes a shuddering breath.)


I need to go help him. If he’s dead, it’s my fault. And he mgiht not be dead. What if he’s not dead, he’s out there dying? I need to-I need…

(She’s starting to spiral now, the reality of the situation pressing down on her.)


Rory, this isn’t what I signed up for. Do I save him? Can I save him? 

(She takes a few steps back, then stops)


But then the mission is over and he died to stop it. Even if it wasn’t his main focus, if I go back and get killed, then it’s for nothing.

(She takes a shuddering breath)


There are no good answers, are there, Rory? What should I do?

(She starts to walk away.)


I need to keep going. I can be cold too. 


No, he’s a person.

(She hurries back toward GUY, creaking the door open a tiny crack.)


He’s…he’s gone.

(The door fully open now, she’s looking around but there’s no sign of him.)


What the fuck?

(She lets the door close, then begins walking again.)


Maybe he’s okay. Maybe I was hearing things. I’m wasting time.

(She keeps going down the hallway.)


He said to go past the labs, it’s not there. It’s in the basement. This better not be a…

(She’s walking down the basement stairs, but stops short as the electrical humming of the machine and the sticky darkness permeate the stairwell.)


Oh my God. The darkness. This must be it.

(She takes a shuddering breath, then reluctantly opens the door to the basement and the electric humming continues as she steps inside.)


There it is. Such a simple looking machine. I jam my knife in your guts, nice little firework show, then you’re done. You’re just a machine.

(There are footsteps behind her, but she doesn’t hear them. She unsheaths her knife, but then gasps as something grabs her. The knife clatters to the ground.)

(Someone is in the room and they have JENNY pinned. Her voice is muffled and unable to be understood as she tries to fight him off. There’s the sound of fighting and JENNY almost breaks free. But then she cries out in pain as the guy slices her. She bites him and he lets go.)

(JENNY falls to the floor)

JENNY (in disbelief)

You fucking…

(She grabs the knife, crying out in pain as she does so.)

JENNY (clearly in pain)

Was it worth it? The lives for this stupid machine? Turning negative energy into fuel? What absolute horseshit. And here’s you in your terrible, ugly tank top and that ridiculous mask. I don’t even know your fucking name. But you killed that man outside. You killed Will, and you tried to kill me. And also? When I delivered your breakfast to that hotel? You didn’t fucking tip me. So you know what?

(Before Tank Top can react, JENNY stabs her knife into the controls of the machine. The sparks fly and she gets shocked, but moves her hand away as the short burst of energy fades out.)


And now your bloodstained depression eating machine is dead too. Fuck you, man. Fuck you and your bosses. You’re done.

(JENNY slides to the floor. TANK TOP remains silent. But he steps closer to her and JENNY’S triumph gets nervous. She knows that there’s no getting out of this room.)


I’ll tell them. And you know what? If I’m dead, they’ll still find out.

TANK TOP (voice distorted to disguise it)

No one knows you’re here. No one’s coming to save you.

(JENNY knows that’s true, but she’s trying to keep up a front.)


You won’t even show your real face. I-

(She’s cut off as Tank Top stabs her in the stomach. There is the sound of the blade making contact, then a sharp breath from JENNY. TANK TOP walks away calmly as JENNY starts to fade out. There’s the sound of wind blowing around her, then RORY’s voice, far away and urgent. He’s scared.)


Jenny. Jenny, stay awake. Come on, it’s going to be okay.



Dart is an Enfield Arts production and was written and performed by Amanda McCormack with additional voices by Anthony McColgan. For more information on Dart and other Enfield Arts projects, you can visit www.EnfieldArts.com.

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