Dart S3E3

(The scene opens with Jenny driving through Boston.)


I can’t fucking believe I’m driving delivery again. But it’s not Dart, thank God. But just because my car apparently doesnt need fuel anymore doesn’t mean I don’t need to eat. 

(Her phone vibrates, assigning her an order)


McDonald’s delivery going from Allston to…ugh. Fine, whatever, it’s a good tip.

(She starts driving toward her destination.)


I need to go back and talk to that guy. I still don’t know who he is or how he knows Will, but I think he’s the key I’m looking for. They’re going to be suspicious if I show up with another delivery after last time. Or they won’t give a shit, but that’s one hell of a risk to take before the enormous one I’m going to need to take once I’m in the lab.

(She groans)


I really hate doing this alone. I feel like I’m scrambling, trying to hold onto something but it keeps getting away from me. I need to find proof that CHEER is using its technology to create power through the negative energy it harvests. That’s all. Even if I can’t take them down, I can at least, what, get someone else involved? The police? Yeah, okay.

(Her phone vibrates with an incoming call.)

JENNY (answers)

Hello, this is your delivery driver, traffic’s bad, I’m not a miracle worker.

(There’s a pause. We’re only going to get her side of this conversation)


Who? (Pause) How the hell did you get my number? 

(She listens for a second)


Of course Rory didn’t answer. Rory’s been dead for two years. What do you mean, he gave you my number? Yeah, I’m Jenny. 

(A car honks)


Hang on, let me pull over.

(She stops by the side of the road and shuts off her car.)


Alright, talk to me.

(The audience can’t hear the person on the other end, but JENNY makes a few listening noises as he talks.)


It can’t be that simple.



In that case, why can’t you do it? (Pause) Right.

(She’s unimpressed)


Listen, yeah, if you can get me in, I’ll do it. I think you’re a fucking coward, but if Will and Rory trusted you, then…

(Another pause)


Yeah, I’ll be there.

(She hangs up.)


It was him, Will’s friend from CHEER. He can get me in. He won’t actually shut them down, but he can help me do it. He said, um, he-

(She’s choking up a little bit here)


He said Will gave him my number. Apparently you and I were the contacts he gave in case something happened to him and they were never updated. Rory, why did you give Will my information if I was such a hindrance to you? 

(She talks like she expects an answer, but RORY doesn’t answer)


I’m meeting him tomorrow. He’s going to get me into the CHEER lab and then I’m on my own. He doesn’t want to get involved, but apparently he owed you and Will a favor and I’m the closest thing he has to being able to repay it. I sure would have liked to know that information before this started, seems like something you should share with your partner. But whatever. I have a delivery to make.

(She starts her car back up as the episode ends.)



Dart is an Enfield Arts production and was written and performed by Amanda McCormack. For more information on Dart and other Enfield Arts projects, or how to support the show, please visit EnfieldArts.com.

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