Dart S3E2

Dart Season Three Episode Two

(Despite the fact that the last episode ended with JENNY in the building when the alarm went off, this one begins outside. A door opens and JENNY hurries out)

JENNY (to someone offscreen)

Thank you, I-

(The door slams before she can finish her sentence. As it closes, JENNY bolts. She hurries toward her car, opens it, and gets in.)


Fuuuuck, that was close. Okay, I have no idea who he is or why he let me go, but he did and I’m not going to throw that away. So let’s get the hell out of here and regroup.

(The scene fades out a little as she’s driving)

(It fades back in, showing just a little time has passed. Jenny is driving and parks before speaking.)


Okay, nobody seems to be after me. But Rory, I don’t know who this guy was, but he clearly worked there and when he saw me, I thought I was done. I thought this was gonna be the guy who killed me. But he just gave me this long look, like he was deciding something, you know? And normally when I see that look, it’s on some monster that’s going to drop a building on me in a few seconds. But instead, this guy grabs my hand and starts dragging me down the hall. And he’s all, you need to go now! So I did, but I was like what the hell? Like, who is this guy? And why did he help me when I was very clearly breaking into his workplace? Something doesn’t add up. BUT THEN as he’s literally shoving me out the door, he goes, “Will should have told you this wouldn’t work.”

(She pauses to let the words sink in.)


Will should have told you this wouldn’t work? Really? So this guy both knows Will and doesn’t know Will is dead. And apparently Will had this same idea at some point before CHEER killed him. Rory, I’m mad as hell at you, but if you have any information now would be a fantastic time to share it.

(She stops talking and there’s immediately a clap of thunder and it starts raining.)


If that’s your sign, you’re a real asshole. But fine, I need to eat something, shower, and sleep before I try anything else.

(The scene ends with her driving away)


(The next morning, Jenny is walking up to the CHEER campus.)


Day Two back at CHEER because I clearly learned nothing. I won’t go in this time, I’m not that foolish. But it’s just past six AM and I’m thinking if I wait here long enough, maybe I can catch our guy again and ask him what is going on. So I’ll just wait here…at CHEER…for as long as I need to.

(She takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly)


You know, I downloaded CHEER because I hoped it might make me feel better. But it’s made my life so much worse. Like, even worse than it was when I was just grieving my asshole former best friend and trying to scrape together enough money to cover my bills. Even just being at the building right now is giving me the creeps. I really hope this guy is an early bird because I want to get out of here.

(The scene fades out a bit, just enough to indicate that some time has passed. When it comes back, JENNY is watching the parking lot begin to fill up.)


So many people. Do they realize who they’re working for? Maybe they don’t. Or they don’t care too much because they have to put food on the table. I mean, I guess I was working for them too. Indirectly, but it was enough that I can’t judge. OH!

(She starts walking quickly toward the door. The man that helped her out yesterday is there, walking in. He doesn’t speak.)


Hey. Hey, can we talk? Just for a sec, it’ll only take a second. Please!

(He opens the front door and JENNY tries to follow, still talking)


It’ll just take a moment, I promise. I just need to know-

(The door starts to close.)

JENNY (voice tight and rushed)

Will is dead. I don’t know who you are or what your connection is. I barely knew him. But Will is dead and CHEER is why.

(She doens’t wait for a reply, just hurries away before anyone at CHEER realizes she’s there.)



Dart is an Enfield Arts production and was written and performed by Amanda McCormack. For more information on Dart and other Enfield Arts projects, or how to support the show, please visit EnfieldArts.com.

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