Dart S3E1

Dart. Season Three, Episode One


(The episode starts with Jenny’s car driving up to the CHEER headquarters.)


You know, I was actually half-joking about not having to stop for gas since my car was running on CHEER juice. But apparently, not only did I get from the Berkshires to Boston on a quarter tank, it also took me about thirty minutes less than it usually does. I’m sure that’s normal though.

(She clearly doesn’t.)


But here it is. CHEER headquarters. Technically not in Boston, but I’m not going to be picky. It’s not like a big corporate campus like this could exist in Boston proper, they have to go out to the suburbs for something this size.

(She shuts off the car and looks around.)


It’s such a calm place, isn’t it? Right off the highway, one of the biggest parking lots I’ve ever seen. Bland corporate buildings and I can see the sign for CHEER on that one over there. Hell, I think I delivered food to these buildings more than once.

(She pauses)


Yeah, I definitely did. And the guys tipped for shit too. But I’m not here to deliver food right now. I’m here to find out what’s going on. And I sure as shit am not talking to anyone but myself right now. I don’t know if you’re here or not, Rory, but if you are, go fuck yourself.


Okay, this place looks reasonable. But what do I do? Just walk in the front door and hope for the best? They’re not going to let me just waltz in. Unless…

(She gets back in the car, searches for a moment, then pulls out her Dart delivery bag.)


Pizza delivery! Looks like I am delivering food again.

(Her laugh is brittle and it’s clear that she’s getting toward the end of her endurance)


Maybe there’s someone I can talk to. Or if I can find the lab, I can look? Shit, this is so far out of my element. If it was a monster, I’d have no problem figuring out what to do. 


(The scene fades back in as JENNY walks into the building and passes a security desk.)


Hey, I’m here for pizza delivery.

(The security guard says nothing. She walks through the door and it closes behind her.)

JENNY (with a sigh of relief)

Okay, this place doesn’t look too bad. Almost sterile, honestly. If the labs are up this way then I can just try and slip inside? It’s evening, there doesn’t seem to be that many people here.

(She starts walking, her footsteps echoing in the empty hallway. Her steps are purposeful.)


This might have been a mistake. What, am I going to just stroll into the lab? Okay, too late to back out now. Maybe I’ll get lucky. I just need something. Just one piece of evidence I can confront them with. If I can link them this Grady, that’s all I’ll need to make it someone else’s problem.

(She keeps walking, then pauses.)


Lab Number One. Okay, might as well give it a-

(She twists the doorknob and an alarm immediately goes off.)



Dart is an Enfield Arts production and was written and performed by Amanda McCormack. For more information on Dart and other Enfield Arts projects, or how to support the show, please visit EnfieldArts.com.

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