Dart S2E8

Dart. Season Two, Episode Eight.


(The episode opens with the sound of a car door slamming shut.)

JENNY (breaking the silence)

Do you have something you want to tell me, Rory?

(There’s no answer. Of course there’s no answer.)


I just had a very interesting conversation with the bartender in there. George. Big guy, long hair? 

(Another beat of silence.)

JENNY (temper bubbling as she talks)

So, funny thing, Rory. Turns out he did have a lot to say once he found out that Grady’s dead. He told me all about Will and his hunting. Oh, and his hunting buddy. The buddy was young, maybe twenty-seven, twenty-eight? Tall guy? Distinctive scar on his face. (pause) Hasn’t been in in a few years? Any of this ringing a fucking bell, Rory?

(Her voice bites off his name at the end.)


You had your own thing going, didn’t you? Those days in between cases, when you said you were going home to rest and I should too? How much rest were you getting when you were on cases with Will?

(She punches the steering wheel in anger.)


God dammit, Rory, how could you do that? He told me about the cases too. Just the most reckless bullshit…and here I was, trusting you to be smart. Trusting you with my own fucking life.

(She’s choked up now, unable to believe what he did. Her voice fades in and out a little as she’s moving around, shaking in anger.)


You were just constantly out there, weren’t you? He told me about a few cases that were so clearly ones that you and I passed along to more qualified people. Or, now that I realize it, you told me you did. I don’t give a shit that you worked with someone else, I give a shit that you were out there fucking around and it put all of us in danger. And I’m pissed that you treated me like I was disposable. We were partners, Rory! I trusted you! And I thought you trusted me, but apparently not.

(She’s getting worked up now. The Cheer app music plays from her phone, almost too quietly to hear.)


I was shocked when you died! I thought it had to be a freak accident. You got overpowered by something that was far more powerful than either of us could handle. Is that what happened? Or did you go in all big and bad on something you didn’t stand a fucking chance against?

(Are her emotions all her or is CHEER influencing her a little? Honestly it could go either way.)


I hate you, Rory. You ruined my life and I thought maybe we were at least friends through it all. But you clearly didn’t feel the same way about me. You didn’t trust me, you didn’t think I was smart enough to handle the work or to know when it was time to let go. You told me over and over that I wasn’t the sidekick, I wasn’t the assistant. It was almost a joke, like you couldn’t believe I’d think that. And I thought it was because you considered us equals and that fact was so obvious to you that it was amusing that I would even think otherwise. But no. No, you didn’t even see me as that. I was a tool to you, wasn’t I?

(The darkness is starting to slip in as she’s ranting. It’s like a sharp wind fading into the scene and she’s starting to notice.)


You lied to me. You lied to me and you used me and all the while I was just there like…like…oh god.

(She shudders as the darkness fills the area.)

JENNY (softly)

The darkness. It’s back. I need to…I need to…

(She turns on the car and drives out of the parking lot, hoping that the darkness won’t follow. The episode ends with the darkness fading out.)


Dart is an Enfield Arts production and was written and performed by Amanda McColgan. For more information on Dart and other Enfield Arts projects, or how to support the show, please visit EnfieldArts.com.

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