Dart S2E7

Dart. Season Two, Episode Seven


(JENNY is back in Boston, the sounds of the city muffled as she drives.)


So when I fled Boston for my life, I did not think I’d be back here like two weeks later. With no job, nowhere to stay, my landlord threatening to sue. Well, he’s all the way in Fitchburg, but you know what I mean.

(JENNY pauses.)


I’m not talking to you, Rory. If you’re even here. I’m just talking to myself. I process things better that way.

(She pauses again, satisfied with her explanation.)


The only problem is that he never actually said that he’d be at the Dart headquarters. And he didn’t give me any way to contact him. But there’s no other building in Boston that both of us have a connection to. Wait, except maybe the place where Linder’s Pizza used to be. Those creeps shut it down and tried to make me think it’d been closed for years. 

(She groans.)


Ugh, it just got a little trickier. Okay, new plan. First, Dart headquarters. Then, if he’s not there, I check Linder’s. If he’s not at either, then fuck him, I’m out.


(The scene fades back in on JENNY walking through the empty halls of the Dart headquarters.)


Grady? Grady, are you here, you asshole? 

(There’s silence except for the sound of her careful footsteps. She walks forward through the empty hallway.)


Grady? You told me to meet you and here I am! I drove all the way here, so come out and talk to me.

(As she gets deeper into the building, there’s a faint hum far away.)

JENNY (opening a door)


(The room is empty, so she closes the door again.)


Nobody. It’s just like last time. Even the desks are gone.

(The buzzing grows a little louder, but still muffled as she keeps walking.)


What is that? It sounds like the electricity is messed up.

(She opens another door.)


Grady! Are you in here?

(Again, nobody. So she shuts the door and keeps walking.)


Alright, and what’s behind door number three?

(The buzzing is muffled, but nearby.)


Grady, if you’re in there, I’m coming in. Don’t do anything stupid.

(She opens the door and the buzzing is suddenly right there. It’s hundreds of flies buzzing around Grady’s dead body.)

JENNY (gagging)

Oh fuck. 

(She slams the door shut, muffling the flies again.)

(JENNY retches, then slides down the wall and onto the floor, breathing in ragged sobs.)


Rory, that was him. They got to him before we could. Now what?

(The scene ends with her trying to steady her breathing.)


(The scene fades back in with the sound of driving. JENNY is back in the car and has gotten out of Boston. In the background is the sound of the car driving and the jingling of her keys in the ignition.)

JENNY (voice soft and somewhat traumatized)

I honestly don’t know which is worse. The heavy darkness or the way those flies just filled that space. They were all just pouring out of every corner of the room and in the middle of it, I could see him. Just lying there, covered in flies.

(Her voice catches on the last word like she’s about to vomit. For a second it seems like she might, but instead she takes a couple steady breaths and continues driving.)


So that’s my lead gone. He got me kicked out of my motel and paid a guy off to lie to me. But he didn’t deserve to be meat for an army of flies. Jesus Christ.

(She’s nauseous again, but shoves it back down.)


I don’t really have a plan beyond get the hell out of Boston. Not that it matters. If Grady could find me, CHEER definitely can. Maybe Grady’s death was supposed to scare me off.

(She laughs bitterly)


Me, me, me. I’ve gotten so self-centered since…

(She trails off for a second, then continues.)


He was about to spill secrets that could ruin them, of course they killed him. I’m probably not even on their radar at the moment, I don’t know shit. No one will tell me anything. Wait.

(She taps some directions into her phone’s GPS.)


I can be at The Goat House Bar in two hours. And apparently I have nothing to do and nowhere to go, so I have plenty of time to wait until the bartender is feeling talkative.

(The car speeds up some as her movements get more purposeful.)


Alright, back to the Berkshires. Rory, I mean it. I don’t know if you’re here or if I’m losing it, but I could use all the help I can get right now. So let’s do this.

(The car drives off as the episode fades out.)



Dart is an Enfield Arts production and was written and performed by Amanda McColgan. For more information on Dart and other Enfield Arts projects, or how to support the show, please visit EnfieldArts.com.

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