Dart S2E6

(The episode starts with JENNY typing in the hotel room. She has a computer now. That’s nice.)


Apparently management was starting to get a little huffy with me using the computer in the lobby. Business center, my ass. It’s a glorified shelf. But now that the car is fixed I was able to go to the library and check out a laptop. Can you believe that? The library two towns over had laptops available to just take. Sure, it’s for seven days. But it comes with a wifi hotspot, meaning I can actually kind of access the internet right now in the hotel room. All the comforts of home. I’ll go make some coffee in a few because I can do that here.

(JENNY starts typing again.)


So…I’m still not sure what to think. I was able to get one of the three apps I was applying for to download onto my phone while I was at the library. So maybe it was just the wifi? But on the other hand, what about those other two? 

(She laughs)

Am I being stalked or am I just too broke to actually access anything? The eternal question.

(Quick pause.)


But while I’m waiting for QuickEats to get back to me, I’ve been digging into Dart’s closing a little deeper. I know you wouldn’t want me to poke them while I’m somewhat – okay, really vulnerable. But I can’t just give up. Even if I can’t really do anything right now. They killed someone. Maybe multiple someones. And then they just up and fuck off with no consequences? Rory, even you have to agree that I need to do this.

(A longer pause)


Or you would. If you were here. Which you’re not.

(She sighs, then turns back to her computer.)


So. Justin Grady. I mean, he’s on LinkedIn as the CEO of Dart, so clearly it’s not something horrendously shady going on there. For once. Everything with him seems to be on the up and up. CEO Dart, a few different companies. Looks like he’s one of those serial entrepreneurs or whatever. The guys whose career is making companies and selling them. But does that mean that’s what he did with Dart? It doesn’t fit the pattern. Dart’s only been around for a year and all these others were three to five years minimum.

(JENNY yawns, rubbing her eyes.)


I’m fading. 

 (She stands up and starts walking over to the coffee pot.)


I’ll just make a pot of coffee and keep going for a little wh-

(She stops as she gets to the counter. There’s the hiss of the coffee-maker finishing a pot of coffee.)


I…I didn’t make coffee.

(There is a rustling sound as she checks under the bed and makes sure the door is still locked. There is clearly no one else in there with her.)


I didn’t like…black out. I didn’t make this.

(Even though she didn’t make it, she still pours herself a cup. Then she looks around the hotel room.)

JENNY (whispering)

Rory? Are you here?

(The episode ends in silence.)

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