Dart S2E4

(The episode opens with JENNY walking into the hotel’s office.)

JENNY (aside)

Hey, I’m just here to use…yeah, great thanks!

(She sits down at the beat up computer in the hotel lobby and starts typing. She works for a few minutes, looking up news related to Dart, CHEER, and the darkness. She types, scrolls, types, scrolls.)

(JENNY gasps.)


No way.

(She starts typing again, more intensely this time. She clicks through and reads out loud.)

JENNY (muttering)

Consumers are taking to Twitter to complain about the popular delivery app’s sudden shutdown…what? But I don’t…how?

(She closes out of the web browser and stands up, hurrying out of the office.)


Shitty service in my room, but…

(She gets to her motel room and goes inside, locking the door firmly behind herself. Then she sits down on the chair and tries to open the internet on her phone.)


Come on…come on…dammit, don’t advertise your free wifi if it doesn’t actually work. Okay, good. 


Popular Boston-area food delivery app Dart has closed up shop. Users report that the company gave them no indication of any changes and many are angry, claiming their Dart Rewards were taken away unfairly…


Wait, there were Dart rewards? Why the fuck didn’t I get any of those?

(Goes back to reading)

Dart CEO Justin Grady couldn’t be reached for comment. The most recent social media post from the company is dated last Friday and advertises an upcoming promotion.

(She sets down her phone.)


Justin Grady…file that away for later. I wonder if he’s the one…

(She shakes her head.)


No. No time for that. But what the hell is this? Why would they close up the entire app? And is CHEER still running? I’m not even going to look for it on the app store, I’m worried I’ll-

(She doesn’t say the final part about using it out loud, but it’s obvious.)


Well, I haven’t heard anything from them. And I haven’t seen anything weird around here. So maybe they really are done with Dart. And done with me.

(She laughs bitterly, like she’s not sure she believes the words she’s saying.)


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