Dart S2E3

(The episode opens with the hotel room in the middle of the night. It’s a couple nights later and it’s raining out. JENNY is asleep.)

JENNY (mumbling and distressed)

…wellness through…positivity…positivity…

(She jerks awake with a gasp and takes a second to realize what’s happening.)



(She sits up and sighs.)


I was…I think CHEER might have dug in deeper than I thought. 

(She groans.)


It was horrible. Just…everything was happening. The darkness…tank top was behind me, ramming me off the road. And every…

(Her voice catches)

And you died. Over and over, you just kept dying. And all I could do was stand there reciting the CHEER slogan. Wellness and health, wellness and health.

(She buries her face in her hands and takes a deep, muffled breath. Then she looks back up.)


Two fifteen in the morning. Yeah, that sounds right. Fuuuuuuck. 

(She lays down.)


I’m almost out of money. And my credit card…it’s gonna cover the car repair but not much more. My rent is coming up…oh god…

(She takes a breath, trying to stay calm.)


It’ll be fine. It’ll be okay. Once the car is fixed it’ll be fine. It’s just the waiting right now. 

(She lets out a long breath. Her attempts to relax are clearly not working.)



(She takes a sharp breath.)



(She sits up and turns on the staticky radio in an attempt to distract herself. The episode ends with the sounds of the radio and JENNY fidgeting and trying to stay calm.