Dart S2E2

(The episode begins in a tiny hotel room. It is the first time the episode hasn’t taken place in the car. Instead of traffic, there is the sound of birds in the background.)

(JENNY opens the door and sets down her bag. She then locks the very solid deadbolt on the door.)

JENNY (on the phone.)

Thank you very much. Yeah, yeah, I’ll bring the car in tomorrow. The hotel manager said he could give me a jump, so I won’t need the tow. Thanks. (pause) Yeah, you too. Bye.

(She hangs up and sits down heavily on the bed.)


I guess there’s worse places for my car to finally die. I wish I’d been able to get a little further than the Berkshires, but I doubt they gave a shit after I got out of Boston. Right, Rory?

(She lays down on the bed and sighs.)


This place will do. I mean, honestly? It’s not like my apartment is any better than this hotel room. I see that water stain on the ceiling. And that…other stain on the chair. But it’ll do. 

(She laughs a little, the exhaustion obvious.)


I mean, we stayed in worse. So, so many times. Remember that one motel in Pennsylvania?  We got there in the middle of a thunderstorm and there was one room left. Thankfully it had two beds. Not that it mattered because they were so gross that you told me…

(She yawns and continues, her voice getting sleepy.)


You told me you’d levitate over the bed before you got under those covers. I think…did you sleep in the bathtub that night? I’m pretty sure I woke up to pee and saw you asleep in the tub.

(She’s fading a little as she talks. Though the listener can’t see it, her eyes are closed.)


And then the place in Virginia? The one with the bedbugs? Thank god you knew to check for them before we did anything else, but I don’t think I stopped scratching for hours. And I didn’t even step into the room.

(She laughs, clearly more asleep than awake at this point.)


We always end up with the shittiest hotel rooms, huh, Rory? Next time we’re getting a Holiday Inn and…

(She falls asleep midsentence and for a moment there’s only the sound of the birds outside. Then there’s the sound of soft footsteps in the room, too soft to be human. There’s the sound of someone tugging the door just a little to check the lock. Then the footsteps go to JENNY’S bed and RORY gently puts a blanket on her. 

JENNY (asleep)

Thank you, Rory. 

(The footsteps walk away from the bed and fade away. The episode ends with the sound of birds and light traffic outside.)

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