Dart S2E1

(The episode opens with silence except for the muffled sounds of passing cars outside of Jenny’s car. Then the door opens and she slides inside. Without a word, she puts the knife back under the seat. Then she sits and just breathes for a second.)

JENNY (stunned and quiet)

The office is empty. 

(She’s silent another second. Then she slams her hand into the steering wheel, which honks in a sickly way.)



(She breathes heavily for a second.)


It’s like the office was never there. Like they’re trying to make me believe…like they knew I was coming. 

(She lays back in the seat, head making contact with the head rest.)


They’re good. Oh, they’re really good. I could easily buy that this is a different building. Or that they were never here. Did I really come here for them to threaten me? Or was it a restaurant? Or a T stop? Hell, maybe they called me. Can I really trust my mind and memory right now? After all, I’m sitting in my car, talking to a ghost.

(She starts the car. Like the horn, it is just sickly sounding. This car is a nightmare.)



(She taps on in her phone for a moment, erasing the Dart app.)


Gotta get Dart off my phone before anything. This can’t be good. They try to kill me, then pack up shop and run before I get there. I need to leave. 

(The scene fades out as JENNY drives out of the parking lot.)

(The scene fades back in as JENNY is pulling out of a bank drive-thru.)

JENNY (out the window)

Thank you!

(She rolls up her window and sets the envelope of cash into the pile of envelopes on the passenger seat.)


Alright, Rory, that’s the last account emptied. It’s not much, but honestly? I’m not sure how far this car is going to get. I’m just going to drive until it falls apart, I guess. And I’ll figure it out from there. If Dart is still watching me, which they probably are, then they’ll hopefully stop caring once I’m out of Boston for a little while. 

(She sighs.)


Maybe this means I can just leave it? I mean, I feel bad for Will, but it’s not like I killed him. I did my time. We helped lots of people, right, Rory? Maybe that will make up for the fact that I can’t help this one. 

(Her voice breaks a little on the last part. It’s obvious she feels guilty.)


Alright, mass pike westbound. I’m just gonna get on and get the hell out of this city. We’ll-

(She cuts herself off, then clears her throat.)


I’ll figure it out from there. 

(The episode ends as JENNY pulls into the highway and speeds up.)


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