Dart S1E8

(The episode begins immediately after the last one ended. JENNY furiously returns to the car.)


Fuck this. I’m getting some answers. That man killed Will and he tried to kill me. He’s somehow connected to CHEER and CHEER is somehow connected to Dart. And I need to find out how before someone tries to kill me again. Or goes after someone else.

(Her phone beeps with another notification.)


NO, I AM NOT REDOWNLOADING – Oh, it’s an order. A pizza and party salad from Primo’s. 

(She sighs.)


I should really – wait, what the FUCK? No, I’m not delivering that first. Oh, god, they really got in my head didn’t they? This is just so…

(She’s horrified with herself and gives a roar of frustration.)


Okay, I need to take care of this. I’m going to go to Headquarters and…and just talk to someone. Find out what the hell is going on. I’ll beat it out of them if I have to. It’s just…it’s just another case. That’s all it is.

(She pulls out and starts to drive, thinking out loud to herself as she goes. The car engine does not sound healthy, but she doesn’t notice or care.)


Tanktop. The darkness. CHEER. Dart. What is connecting all these things? And Will. What did he know? What is the darkness? What did Will know about the darkness? What does CHEER know about the darkness? Tanktop. Tanktop.

(The scene fades out with JENNY muttering to herself, working herself up as she drives.)

(The scene fades back in to JENNY still muttering as she pulls into the parking lot of the headquarters building.)


What is the darkness? And how are they controlling it? What did Will know? What did they do to Will? And what do they want with me?

(She pulls to a stop outside the building, then reaches under her seat and pulls out box. She flips the box open and pulls out a knife.)


I knew it’d still be here. 

(She gives a little, bitter laugh.)


God, I wish you were here, Rory. You’d know what to do right now. But you’re not. You’re fucking dead and I’m all alone. So it’s time to stop pretending to talk to you, pretending that everything is okay. It’s time to get back to work.

(She slides the knife into her boot and opens the driver’s side door.)


I’m going to get those fuckers and I’m going to make them tell me everything they know.

She slams the door and walks off, her footsteps muffled and purposeful outside the car. There is silence for a second, then RORY speaks for the first time.

RORY (miserable and helpless)

Jenny, wait.


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