Dart S1E7

(The episode begins with JENNY’s car making rattling noises, clearly indicating both that it’s damaged and that she’s still driving it.)

JENNY (confrontational)

I KNOW I shouldn’t be working. And I KNOW my car isn’t in any shape to be doing this. But it’s not like I have another choice. I’m fine. 

(She shifts and winces in her seat.)


It’s all minor damage. I’m not going to the hospital, I can’t afford the co-pay, so just back off, Rory.

(She’s quiet for a second. Meanwhile the car clicks.)


So, the thing that’s frustrating me the most here is that I swear I’d seen that guy before. The guy driving behind me the other night. And I can’t place him. It’s not like Boston’s running low on white guys in glasses and tank tops, even in this weather. But he was so familiar and it’s been eating at me for two nights.

(She pulls over.)


I feel ridiculous, but I really think a quick CHEER session might help. If I can just focus my mind and calm down a little, maybe I can remember where I saw him. I’m just gonna…

(She pulls her phone off the stand and opens the CHEER app, the theme music playing in a soothing, upbeat way. Then it ends and she freezes and takes a sharp breath.)


The guy from the hotel! Tank top with the IHOP order. That was him in the car! But how…what does he have to do with anything? 

(She winces again.)


The hotel…the darkness…oh…

(Dawning realization.)


That was also the first time I got the ad for…oh FUCK.

(She frantically grabs her phone and scrambles to delete the CHEER app, her hands shaking.)

JENNY (hyperventilating)

Oh god oh god oh god, that app is part of it and I fell for it. God dammit, Rory, I completely fell for it. I fucked up, oh god, I fell right into their trap. I can’t…I can’t…I CAN’T DO THIS WITHOUT YOU.

(She starts crying.)


I quit for a reason, Rory! I can’t do this alone. You were always the brave one, the leader! I was just your sidekick, your-your backup in case things went wrong. And they went wrong, they went so wrong, Rory. You fucking died and I couldn’t save you. I couldn’t save you and now all I can do is pretend that you’re- with me. That you’re sitting here in my car so I don’t lose my fucking mind. And now I’m sucked right back in and the first thing I do is fuck it up.

(She sits for a moment, crying quietly into her hands.)


I don’t know what to do now. Why is someone trying to kill me? Why did someone kill Will? Why is my FUCKING JOB trying to get me to download this frigging –

(Her phone dings with a notification)

JENNY (reading it)

Download CHEER, special offer – GOD DAMMIT!

(The episode ends with her throwing her phone on the passenger seat, opening the door, and storming off.)

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