Dart S1E6

(The episode starts with JENNY sitting in the car. The atmosphere outside is loud, but not overwhelming from inside the car. Cars pass and there’s a rumbling of a train in the distance)


Alright, alright, where…where are you? Ah, yes. Okay, and we’re off.

(JENNY is more jittery and agitated than we’ve seen her so far. She’s a little unfocused as she’s driving.)


Okay okay okay, you’re going to…Beacon Hill. Great, excellent. Let’s do this!

(She starts humming the CHEER theme song, a perky little jingle. Then she pulls out far too quickly and there’s the sound of a car screeching and beeping behind her.)


Damn, Rory, looks like they took me off their shit list, huh? It’s just been back to back orders all day. I hit my goal like, two hours ago, but every time I go to shut it off, another order pops up. 

(She laughs a little frantically.)


Oh well,  not like I can’t use the money, right? 

(She screeches to a halt at a red light.)


I gotta tell you, I think that app is actually helping! Like, it’s not doing what it promised, I’m definitely not feeling centered or anything. Though it’s only been three days. But wooooo, it’s like coffee times a thousand.

(A horn beeps outside.)


IT’S FUCKING GREEN! GO! Jesus. But yeah, I feel like I can actually do this! I haven’t exactly had the time to do much more digging though. I’m just swamped and then by the time I’m finally able to go home, I’m too tired to do anything but eat and maybe meditate to Cheer. But Rory, I’m feeling so much better. It’s almost like back before – 

(There’s a screeching sound, like she is stopping short. But it’s also got a tinge of otherworldliness to it.)


FUCK! Did you see that? I swear to god I just saw something in the middle of the road!

JENNY (with a nervous, kind of frantic laugh)

I keep seeing shadows in the middle of the road. But it’s probably nothing, right? Just me needing to rest my eyes. I’ll…I’ll do that. This will be my last order. I know you’d hate me pushing myself like this, but I swear I’m fine. Seriously! 

(As if on cue, the app dings with another order.)


I can feel your disapproval from here, Rory. That’ll be the last one, I swear.

(She’s still driving a little too fast and her actions are a little too agitated as the scene fades out.)

(The scene fades back in several hours later. JENNY is still driving. She’s exhausted.)


Okay, THIS is my last one. For real. I have to pee and I have only eaten a granola bar today. Primo Pizza is right up here and…whoa.

(She slows down as she passes the now-boarded up pizza place from the first night. The sound of the car moving gets abruptly deeper and more threatening.)


Do you see that? Linder Pizza’s still all boarded up, but look at that aura around it. It’s…it’s disgusting.

(She shudders. Before this, she was a little entranced by the sight, but now she’s repulsed.)


Oh my god, Rory, it’s revolting. It’s like all that sticky feeling and all that fear just condensed on this place and it’s…it’s practically dripping down the walls. This is wrong…I need to…I need…

(She flips on the radio for a distraction and Rory’s song starts playing. As she’s driving away, a car starts to follow behind her, honking.)


What – am I being pulled over? No…that’s not the cops, what the fuck is going on?

(The car bumps her from behind.)



(She speeds up again, trying to get away. But the car is audible behind her the whole time. The car bumps her again, harder this time, and Jenny’s car starts to spin out of control.)

JENNY (Terrified)


(Then silence except for a few bars of Rory’s song fading out.)

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