Dart S1E4

(The episode opens with Jenny sitting in her car, on her phone. She’s parked in a parking lot in Boston and there’s noise around her, but nothing too jarring. She’s completely focused on her research.)


There’s really nothing here, Rory. Like, the Globe talks about the accident and all, but it’s just an accident according to them. “The victim was a thirty-two-year-old male…name being withheld until the family can be notified…speed may have been a factor in the accident…no witnesses…”

(She sighs)


I’m calling bullshit on that one. You’re in Boston at any time of the day or night there’s going to be witnesses. We know that as well as anyone. Remember trying to get into the abandoned church to… (she clears her throat) Right.

(She goes back to her phone.)


But yeah, that’s all the Globe has. I can’t even find his obituary, which makes me wonder if maybe he gave me a fake name. Which is another check in the “not just a delivery driver” column. But it makes everything even more difficult to confirm.

(JENNY sighs and scrubs a hand over her eyes.)


Maybe I’m completely wrong here. God, maybe it wasn’t even him. It’s not like a shitty brown Camry is a particularly rare car. And maybe that stupid sticker is just…

(Her phone dings.)


No, I signed out of the app, there shouldn’t be any orders coming in.

(She opens the app and sighs.)


It’s another ad for that Cheer app. I don’t know why they’re pushing it through the Dart app, but it’s wicked obnoxious. (mimicking) “Wellness and health through the power of positivity.” Yeah, because everything can be solved through happy thoughts. Nope, all set.

(JENNY gets rid of the notification, then sets her phone back in its holder.)


I should get back on the clock anyway. The dinner rush is about to start.

(She logs in with the sound of a few beeps.)


Cheer seems like the kind of shit you’d be all over. I know your mom got really into meditation and wellness and all that after you…(coughs) afterwards. I still talk to her, you know? And your dad. Not often, but at the holidays and…and on anniversaries. They’re hurting. I know it’s not your fault, Rory, but they’re hurting. Your mom invited me over for dinner later this week actually. I’m going to go.

(She shakes her head. The somber monologue kind of came out of nowhere.)


Anyway, it helped a little? I think? She was pushing it on your sisters apparently, so it must’ve helped. But it wasn’t this Cheer app, it was something else. This one is just kind of weird.

(Her phone dings with an order.)


Oh! Primo Pizza, cool. That’s right near here.

(She starts the car and pulls out of the parking lot.)


Going back to Will, the pizza place I met him at is actually right near here. I wonder if…

(She slows down.)

JENNY (slowly)

Oh….fuck…it’s completely empty. Look at that, Rory. It looks like it’s been empty for years. But that’s definitely the place. I remember that trash can in the front and the head shop next door with the ugly sign. There’s no way…

(Episode fades out)

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