Dart S1E3

(The episode opens with JENNY driving on the highway. She’s eating a donut and drinking coffee. There’s music on the radio, something acoustic and chill. It’s morning and she’s not happy to be working.)

JENNY (still eating her donut)

 I hate doing day shifts. I swear to God I budgeted for the oil bill starting this month, but apparently not. So surprise double today! 

(She takes another bite as the song shifts to something else, which she immediately shuts off with a little too much force. It’s one of Rory’s favorites. She knows this, the audience does not.)

JENNY (muttering)

No…absolutely not. No.


A day off yesterday was nice though. All I did was sleep.

(She laughs)


Fell asleep at eight on Wednesday night, woke up at four Thursday afternoon. But I feel so much better. God, that drove you nuts, didn’t it, Rory? You were always one of those assholes who got up with the sun. We’d be on a case and you’d be looming over my bed at seven, telling me to get up for coffee. Fuck you, man.

(She yawns.)


But look at me now, huh? Be proud.

(The scene fades out with the sound of the car humming down the highway.)

(The scene fades in to JENNY pulling into a parking lot. The gravel crunches underneath the car.)


Alright, first order of the day. IHOP. Man, who’s ordering breakfast delivery? That’s…actually a fantastic idea.

(She opens the door and gets out. The scene fades out quickly, then fades back in as she gets back in with the order.)


Alright, Rory, heading over to the Marriott. This order’s huge.

(She sets the box down on the passenger seat, then starts the car and pulls out.)


It was packed in there. Absolute nightmare. You’d think a weekday morning wouldn’t be so packed, but apparently I was wrong.

But at least it’s basically across the street. I can literally see the hotel from here.

(She turns up the radio and hums along as she drives for a moment. But then the music starts to fade into static. JENNY gasps.)



(She lets out a shaky breath as she pulls into the hotel parking lot.)

JENNY (lets out a shaky breath)

It’s that same…oh god. How? It even looks darker than it did a minute ago.

(Her phone beeps)


An app ad? In the Dart driver app? Seriously? Fuck you, CHEER. Go away.

(She takes a breath, trying to calm down.)

JENNY (firmly)

Just do it.

(She quickly opens the door and darts out.)

(The scene opens abruptly with the car door opening and JENNY climbing back in, crying.)


FUCK! It was even worse this time. I just…this isn’t normal. I- I went in and it was a young guy.  Blonde, tank top. He seemed so normal. He was the only normal thing. What the FUCK is going on?

(She turns the car on, but doesn’t drive.)


That guy…Will. He said he’d seen it a few times and now he’s dead. That can’t…FUCK.

(She pulls over and drops her head to the steering wheel, taking ragged breaths)


I have to do this, don’t I? Will died because of this and now I’m involved and I have to stay involved don’t I? I was done with this! I’ve been done with this since it fucking killed you, Rory! I don’t want to do it!

(She sits silently for a moment, just breathing.)

JENNY (words muffled by the steering wheel)

God, I wish you were really here.

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