Dart S1E2

(The episode starts the same way as Episode 1, with city ambiance muffled by the car. The door opens and JENNY slides in.)


Sorry, they were slammed and it took for-freaking-ever. Linder Pizza, order 243. Check. And you’re headed…Savin Hill. Okay, not bad. 

(She starts the car. As she does, someone honks as they pass. It’s a friendly honk. JENNY honks back.)


That shitty Camry that just honked? With the stupid goat sticker on the back? That was Will. Guy I met in there. I actually saw another Dart driver out in the wild. Incredible, isn’t it? It’d be like when you and I were on a case and we’d run across another investigator in a bar or something. And it’d usually be some old guy trying to explain how to do our jobs.



You could tolerate it much better than I could. Of course, it wasn’t the man they were usually targeting. But you’d have my back when I was fed up, so thanks for that. 

Shit, door’s unlocked. Hang on, let me just…

(She leans across to the passenger seat and locks the door.)


The door is busted. I don’t want it flying open on Storrow.

(She starts driving, pulling into traffic.)


But yeah, I was talking with Will a little while we were waiting for our orders. And weird thing, Rory. Remember last week when I dropped off in that neighborhood and the vibe was off? He said he had a similar thing happen a couple times. There too, but not just there. He said once in Cambridge. And one in Dedham, by the shops. It was all the same stuff. The darkness that’s a little too heavy, the creeping fear. He didn’t seem all that fazed by it though. I’m kind of wondering if he’s…you know…

(A beat like she’s waiting for RORY to answer.)


Maybe he has some experience in that field. Or maybe he’s just some regular pizza guy. Either way, he said something about investigating it. Or, more, he said he’s going to “dig a little deeper.” I’m not even sure where he’d start, but good on him, I guess? Though I assume absolutely jack shit is going to come of it.

(She gives a slightly bitter laugh)

He reminded me of you, honestly. A little older maybe, but there was something in his…his bearing that made me go, that’s Rory! Just for a second, you know? He even kind of looked like you.

(Her voice catches like she’s getting choked up.)


I just need to focus on the fucking road.

(She’s silent for a moment as the radio plays and she drives.)


It’s just the kind of thing you’d do. Jump into a new case, feet first, damn the consequences. 

(Her voice gets a little shaky at the end of that. This is clearly something that has caused tension in the past. Perhaps this is what got Rory killed in the first place.)


Anyway, he said he’d message me on the app when he found anything. Not that I want anything to do with anything ever fucking again. Absolutely not. But I guess it’d be good to be prepared should that keep happening. Because that sucked.

(The car slows as she pulls onto Storrow and creeps to a stop.)


I don’t’ know what I expected at four pm on a Friday. I guess this guy’s just going to have to wait for his pizza.

(The scene fades out.)

(The scene fades back in to more night-time sounds. She’s still delivering, but it’s clear that a good amount of time has passed.)

(JENNY shifts in her seat and sighs.)


One more order and I’m done for tonight. I’m actually heading up to the old neighborhood for this one. It’s gotten a little easier over the past year. I used to actually cancel orders that were coming from House of Pizza. It was just too much. I did it once and a guy ordered your usual and I just…

(She trails off.)


Maybe I’ll pick up dinner while I’m there. Roast beef on rye for you, Rory? Extra pickles and onions? Just like always?

(Of course there’s no answer. JENNY gives a little half-laugh, half-cry.)

JENNY (muttering)

Fucking a…let’s just get this over with.

(The scene fades out a little, then comes back quickly. Only enough time to pick up the pizza has passed.)

(JENNY is driving again. The radio is playing and there are sirens in the distance.)


I gotta say, I do appreciate it when people order from somewhere two blocks from their house. I guess I could just walk, but then I’d have to walk back. Oh, shit…

(She yanks the car over to the side of the road as two ambulances pass.)


Jesus Christ, they came out of nowhere. Wait…

(There is an accident scene ahead. The sirens cut out, but there are the sounds of people and chaos.)


Shit, the road’s closed. Looks like an accident? Let me see if I can pull a U-turn or something.

(She’s quiet for a moment as she tries to navigate the accident scene.)


God, I can see the car. Oh, that’s bad. And a…

(She gasps.)

JENNY (faintly)

Oh god…there’s someone on the ground. They’re covered in a sheet. I need to turn around…

(She’s hyperventilating a little. This accident is making her flashback to Rory’s death. She pulls a U-turn and starts to drive in the direction she came from.)

JENNY (slowly dawning realization)

Rory…did you see the car? It was pretty crushed, but I could see the goat sticker on the back window.

(She takes a shaky breath. The scene fades out to end the episode.)

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