Dart S1E1

(The scene opens on the sounds of summer in the city. Cars drive by, a train rumbles through, people talk and the world is just alive. It’s all muffled because we’re hearing it from inside the car, the way we hear the entire series. After a moment, the door opens and JENNY gets in.)

(JENNY is 29 years old and worn down. She works as a delivery driver for Dart.) 

(JENNY slides into her seat, buckles the seatbelt, and starts signing in her order.)


Alright, I’ve got Order 47 from Beantown Falafel ready…and you’re going to…Newton. That’s a haul. 

(She turns on the car and sighs.)


At least it’s a nice night for a drive, I guess.

(She pulls out and starts driving. Her radio plays quietly. It’s noticeable, but unobtrusive.)


It smelled so good in there, I was tempted to get my own dinner while I was waiting. You’d have loved that place, Rory. It wasn’t there when we…it’s new.

(She’s very clearly trying to talk around something. But there are no responses to her statements and it’s unclear if there’s someone else in the car.)


I think this is going to be my last delivery of the night. I’m fucking exhausted and if I’m leaving the city anyway, I might as well just hop on the highway from there and head home. I’ve done enough today. Don’t need to worry about rent, you know?

(There’s a beat of silence. It seems like JENNY is expecting answers, but she’s not concerned when she doesn’t get them.)


I’ll probably actually sign on again at this place once my lease is up. It’s tiny and shitty, but at least I can afford to stay this time. Delivering for an app isn’t ideal, but it pays. The other stuff paid better, but at least this time-

(She clears her throat awkwardly.)

It’ll do. For now.

(She drives for a moment, slowing down and stopping at a stop sign. She opens the window a crack and the noises of the city filter in as the scene fades out.)

(The scene fades back in as JENNY pulls into a suburban residential neighborhood with an upbeat song playing. There are still some car sounds, but now there are also crickets.)

JENNY (with a low whistle)

Daaaaamn, this is nice. Look at those houses.

(She drives silently for a second, searching for the delivery location. Meanwhile, the sound of crickets fades out into muffled, sticky darkness. The song on the radio dissolves into static. Her breathing changes a little, getting a little more rapid.)

JENNY (unsettled)

What’s…why is it so dark here? I swear I just passed a street light.

(JENNY sounds nervous and agitated as she pulls over to the side of the road and shuts off the car. She takes a couple deep breaths, calming herself before she brings out the delivery.)


It’s just a blown streetlight, that’s all. There’s nothing else. There’s nothing there. Just bring the food to the door, get your money, and go.

(JENNY sits for a second. Then she takes a determined breath, opens the door, and ducks out quickly. The scene fades.)

(The scene returns abruptly with JENNY yanking the door open and getting in, slamming the door behind her. After a few tries, she manages to get the key in the ignition, starts the car, and screeches out of the neighborhood. As she leaves, the static on the radio recedes into another upbeat pop song.)


Jesus FUCK! What was wrong with that place? It’s not like there was anything weird about the house or the guy, it was just some random rich fuck neighborhood. But god.

(She shudders.)


That whole place just felt so OFF. 

(She drives silently for a moment.)


I’m going home. I’ve done enough today.
(She pulls onto the highway, speeds up, and the episode ends as the music fades out.)

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