Dart S2E5

(The episode starts with JENNY getting into her car and turning it on. It sounds healthy this time.)


Well, that’s my credit card almost maxed out. But at least the car is fixed.

(She pulls out of the parking lot and starts driving down the empty road.)


So I’ve been thinking and honestly, I think my best option here is to find another food delivery app to work for. Obviously I’m not going to work for Dart again, but that is something that I can do. And it’s the only thing outside of, well…us that I’ve ever done, you know. And I need money now, so I’m better off doing something like Uber Eats or QuickMeals. So I’ll head back to the hotel, sign up for those, and see if I can get on the road by tomorrow.

(She’s quiet for a moment, listening to how smoothly the car is running.)


Oh, that’s a nice sound, isn’t it? I’m not sure this car has ever sounded this good. At least not while I’ve had it. You used to give me shit for it, but Rory, I saw your car. For the year and a half you had one. And then it died on the side of 128 and I had to rescue you. 

(She laughs quietly and somewhat bitterly, then the scene fades out.)

(The scene fades back in on JENNY in the hotel room. She is sitting on the bed, downloading apps and having trouble with it.)


This is bullshit. It’s been nearly three hours and none of these apps will even finish downloading onto my phone. 

(She tosses her phone onto the bed in disgust. She stands up and starts pacing the room.)


It’s gotta be the lousy wifi in this motel. That’s all it is. I can’t even open my internet browser all the time, why did I think I’d be able to download a single app, let alone three of them?

(She’s clearly trying to make herself believe this as she paces a steady, somewhat frantic rhythm on the carpet.)


Alright. Alright, could they have done something? Could they be trying to trap me? Getting malware into my phone would have been nothing to them. I’m the dipshit that downloaded the app in the first place. But they would have had to have known I’d try to sign up for another app. Which means they’d have to know I got my car fixed. And the only way they would is if they were watching me. 

(She pauses and reflects on that for a moment.)


It’s been days though. If they were so dead set on getting me, why would they wait so long? And it’s not like I even made it out of the state, they don’t have far to go. Maybe it really is just that I’m in the country and the wifi sucks. Maybe they really have forgotten about me.

(She sighs, sits down, and picks her phone back up.)


I just need one of these…screw it, I’ll go use the computer in the lobby again.

(She gets up and walks out of the room as the episode ends.)

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